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Biomechanics & Motor Behavior (BMB) Laboratory at Texas Woman¡¯s University currently provides swing analysis services primarily to elite golfers (professional golfers and competitive amateur golfers). Swing analysis at TWU is based on our research findings and provides an in-depth analysis of your swing.

A 10-camera optical motion capture system operating at 1,000 Hz and two 3-dimensional force plates are used for swing trial capture, and Kwon3D Motion Analysis Suite is used for data analysis and report generation.

To schedule a swing analysis session, please contact Dr. Kwon.

Motion Capture Attire

To minimize the marker movements on the skin/clothes (marker motion artifacts), we require the following motion capture attire:

  • Men must wear spandex shorts. You will be asked to take off your shirt. If you do not have your own shorts, you may use ours.
  • Ladies must wear spandex shorts and either sports bra (preferred) or sleeveless spandex shirt. Please bring your own spandex.

We enforce these clothing requirements to assure accurate motion capture and analysis.

IMPORTANT: Refrain from wearing lotion on the body as it affects the adhesiveness of the double-sided tape used to fix markers on the body. Markers may fall off during the swing capture due to the lotion applied.

Since force plates are covered with artificial turfs that provide sufficient traction, you may wear your golf shoes or sneakers. In case of sneakers, avoid those with reflective emblems/tapes as shiny tapes can cause issues in the marker labeling process.


Bring your clubs. Our standard swing analysis includes three club conditions: driver, iron (5-iron for men and 6-iron for ladies), and wedge (pitching wedge). Additional clubs may be added depending on your specific needs. It may be a good idea to bring the whole bag.

Time Requrements

A typical motion capture session (7 trials per club condition * three club conditions) will take approximately 45 min. including marker placement and trial capture. A total of 65 retro-reflective markers will be placed on your body, club, and the ball mat. In addition, data processing (marker labeling) will take about 20 min. Allow 1.5 to 2 hours for going over the analyzed data. The overall duration of a round of swing analysis, therefore, is about 3 hours.

Since TWU-Denton is located about 30 min from DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) International Airport or 40 min from DAL (Dallas Love Field), you may arrive in Dallas in the morning and leave on the same day in the late afternoon.

Analysis Areas Attire

Typical swing analysis covers the following areas:

  • Detailed stick figure representation of the swing
  • Postures at various swing events
  • Functional swing plane analysis
  • Motion planes of the mid-hand point and upper body joints
  • Ground reaction force and moment
  • Torques generated through the foot-ground interaction (GRF torque and pivoting torque)
  • Center of mass motion
  • Linear and angular motions of the pelvis
  • Kinematic sequence
  • Mid-hand force and torque

A report and select stick figure animations will be provided after all trials are fully processed.

Some useful drills will be suggested during the feedback session so it is ideal to come with your coach. Junior golfers must be accompanied by a parent or a coach.


$500 will be charged to professionals/adults and $300 to students (college and junior players) in the form of donations to the University. These donations will be used as scholarships for our students.

Directions to TWU-Denton

TWU-Denton is located in Denton, Texas, about 30 min north of Dallas, Texas. Please do not be confused with our Dallas campus (TWU-Dallas).

The closest major commuter airports are DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) and DAL (Dallas Love Field).

Use ¡°304 Administration Dr., Denton, TX 76204¡± as the address in your navigator.

Once you arrive in Administration Drive, look for the Visitor Information Booth. Get a visitor parking permit and park your car at the visitor parking lot. If no one is in the booth, you can get a permit from TWU DPS on Administration Drive (Hubbard Hall, Lower Level, 301 Administration Drive).

Biomechanics & MB Laboratory is located in Pioneer Hall (Room 123), the red-brick gym building on N. Bell Ave. In the weekends or on weekdays if the visitor parking lot is full, you may park at the north parking lot of Pioneer Hall with a visitor permit.

For your information, TWU campuses are "smoke-free." Per Texas Woman¡¯s University¡¯s Tobacco Policy the use of tobacco products is prohibited indoors and outdoors on the Denton, Dallas and Houston campuses. This includes all facilities, student housing units and the off-site TWU Select Apartments. E-cigarettes are permitted outside TWU buildings. Visitors must comply with the university¡¯s Tobacco Policy, which is detailed here.

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