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Reprogramming Service at TWU Biomechanics & Motor Behavior Laboratory


The Biomechanics Laboratory at Texas Woman¡¯s University also provides reprogramming services primarily to less-skilled golfers on a limited scale. A reprogramming session is substantially different from a typical golf lesson as the main focus of the session is reprogramming of your movement pattern based on our research findings. In other words, we intend to teach how to move the body during the swing. A series of useful practice drills (including the two-step drills) and simple-but-effective tools are utilized in a typical reprogramming session to improve the gross movement pattern of the golfer.

To benefit from a reprogramming session, the golfer must have an adequate level of fitness and control of the body as a large number of swings will be taken during the session. The reprogramming session may not work for everyone as the session is designed to improve poor movement patterns but not to overcome the limitations imposed by your physical conditions and health issues. It may not work for a novice golfer, either, if a consistent swing pattern is not established yet. Also, a reprogramming session is not designed to replace your regular lessons and we encourage you to come with your coach, if possible.

Examples of typical reprogramming sessions can be found on YouTube: @DrKwonGolf. The entire reprogramming session will be recorded and, with your permission, the recorded video will be posted to the aforementioned YouTube channel.

How to Schedule a Reprogramming Session

To schedule a reprogramming session, you will need to send the following info and swing clips:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Handicap
  • Brief sketch of your golfing career
  • Physical characteristics such as injury/surgery history
  • Residence city/state
  • Swing clips (face on & down the line)

If you are ready, click here to request a reprogramming session. While filling out the request form, you will be directed to the scheduling calendar. Please sign up for an available time slot and enter the date in the request form. Requests with no scheduled session date will be deleted automatically.

Attire & Golf Clubs

Wear comfortable athletic clothes/shoes that do not interfere with your full-effort swings. A glove will be required as a large number of swings will be taken. Please bring a towel if you sweat a lot. Golf shoes are not required.

Bring your driver to the reprogramming session. We will mainly use the driver in the session but you may use an iron for warm-up. 10 min will be given for warm-up and stretch.

Time Requrements

Typically, this is a 1 to 1.5-hour process. We will start with recording of your 'before' swing. Various swing drills will be used in different combinations depending on your needs and responses to the drills.

Since TWU-Denton is located about 30 min from DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) International Airport or 40 min from DAL (Dallas Love Field), you may arrive in Dallas in the morning and leave on the same day in the late afternoon.


The Biomechanics & Motor Behavior Lab is a research component of the School of Health Promotion and Kinesiology, operating through grants and donations. Please support continued research activities through a ($300-500 suggested) donation for a reprogramming session.

Bring a check to the reprogramming session. Please make check payable to 'TWU Foundation' with 'Biomechanics Lab' referenced in the memo.

Or mail the check to:

TWU Foundation
P. O. Box 425618
Denton, TX 76204-5618

Donations can also be made online at: https://giving.twu.edu/BiomechanicsLab.

Directions to TWU-Denton and Location of the Lab

mapTWU-Denton is located in Denton, Texas, about 30 min. north of Dallas, Texas. Please do not be confused with our Dallas campus (TWU-Dallas). The closest commuter airports are DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) and DAL (Dallas Love Field). It takes about 30-40 min from these airport to the campus.

On weekdays, use "304 Administration Dr, Denton, TX 76204" as the destination in your navigation app. This will lead you to Administration Dr on the campus. Please park at the Main Visitor Parking Lot on Administration Dr (Location 1 in the map). Visitors can pay for parking in this lot through ParkMobile, a pay-by-cell parking app. For this, you will need to download the ParkMobile app from Google/Apple Store and create an account prior to your arrival. Or you can use your existing ParkMobile account.

During the weekend (Sat-Sun), Use "1607 N Bell Ave, Denton, TX 76209" for your navigator app. You can park anywhere on the compus near Pioneer Hall except the 24/7 reserved parking lots. No need to pay the parking fee in the weekend.

Biomechanics & MB Laboratory (Location 2 in the map) is located in Pioneer Hall (Room 123), the red-brick gym building on N. Bell Ave. Swing analyses/reprogramming sessions will take place in Room 124, Motion Analysis Laboratory (Location 3 in the map). Come directly to the Motion Analysis Laboratory (Location 3).

For your information, TWU campuses are "smoke-free." Per Texas Woman¡¯s University¡¯s Tobacco Policy the use of tobacco products is prohibited indoors and outdoors on the Denton, Dallas and Houston campuses. This includes all facilities, student housing units and the off-site TWU Select Apartments. E-cigarettes are permitted outside TWU buildings. Visitors must comply with the university¡¯s Tobacco Policy.